Interim Ministry

    Transformation Ministries (TM) is always looking for quality pastors who are available to churches during important times of transition. TM maintains a list of qualified interims and pulpit supply for recommendation to churches.

    What to do if you are a pastor and have a desire to do interim ministry or pulpit supply:

    1. Complete and return the Interim Pastors Application to the TM Office. 
    2. Read Guidelines for the Calling and Role of Interim Pastors.
    3. For more information, please call 800.299.3448.

    Types of Pastors for the Interim Period Between Pastors (The choice of the type of interim ministry and the choice of personnel is the responsibility of the local church in cooperation with your TM Church Ministry Coach.)  

    • Pulpit Supply:  One or more weeks at various times during the interim.
    • Interim Pastors: Full- or part-time pastors providing basic pastoral skills.
    • Transitional Interims:  Leads the congregation in making basic changes to prepare the church for leadership by a new pastor. (Special training is required of Transitional Interim Pastors.)

    Great Goals for Interim Pastors

    Clean Up:  Messes that need to be cleaned up; things broken that need fixing.
    Shore Up:  Things in decline that need to be stabilized and re-energized.
    Keep Up:  Things now okay that need to be maintained at the same level.
    Ramp Up:  Things going okay that we should improve and make even more impacting.
    Start Up:  Things that don't exist that need to be started.