Native-American Church Ministries

    Transformation Ministries maintains an ongoing relationship with Native-American Ministry congregations so that they can support each other as an association of churches and pastors to strengthen their work of ministry, develop partnerships, and share resources according to their own needs.
    Native Amer Fellowship
    Our goals and objectives in our relationship:

    • Maintain communication & common calendaring
    • Covenant in prayer for each other
    • Encourage development of Native-American leadership in churches
    • Assist financially in leadership development
    • Assist with maintaining assets and properties
    • Encourage each church to be self-supporting

    Native-American Churches that have a relationship with Transformation Ministries:

    Bethany Baptist Church, Clarkdale, AZ (Yavapai-Apache) Pastor Larry (and Tha-La) Jackson
    Middle Verde Rock Church, Camp Verde, AZ (Yavapai-Apache) Rev. Dr. John (and Eva) Watson
    First Mesa Baptist Church  Polacca, AZ (Hopi), Rev. Taeil (and Eunhee) Lim
    Sunlight Baptist Mission, Second Mesa, AZ (Hopi) Pastor Scott (and Melinda) Wight

    Your church can be involved:Native Amer Fellowship2

    • Consider visiting and partnering with one of this churches with mission awareness tour, work projects, Vacation Bible School, etc. Invite Native-American Ministry leaders to visit your congregation to share what God is doing in their ministry.
    • Consider a sister- church relationship over a longer period of time for mutual edification, support, encouragement and resource sharing.
    • Support these congregations through your mission giving through TM, designated for Native-American Ministry in general or to one of these churches specifically.

    For more information, please contact Bruce Schipul, pastor of Palm West Community Church of Sun City West, AZ, at 602-617-6836.  He has had a long-term relationship with these churches, having previously served as Church Ministry Coach for Arizona churches for ten years, and then as liaison to these churches for five years. He and Palm West Community Church are strong supporters of Native-American Ministries through Transformation Ministries.